Tuesday, February 19, 2013

President's Week (AKA Week of Hell)

Well, I know I promised a new post for yesterday. But then the retail nightmare of presidents week happened, which left me without my usual quiet Sunday afternoon time to work on a book review for the store (and also this blog).  So, the review will have to wait until next week.  For now, here is a fun collection of customer interactions.  I'll try and add to this throughout the day today. #bookstorebingo

Customer: Hi, is that area with the tables a separate business?
Krysta: The cafe is a separate business, yes.
C: So they have a menu?
K: Yes...
C: But if I order, can I eat at those tables, or are the tables a separate business?

K: Ma'm? Is that your child?
C: Yes is something wrong?
K: We prefer if he didn't put the toys into his mouth unless you buy them first.

K: Hi, are you having fun with those stuffed animals?
C (maybe 4 years old): Yeah!
K: Where is your mom?
C: Oh she's just looking at stuff.
K: Where is your dad?
C: Skiing.
K: Can you see your mom right now?
C: No.
K: Does she know where you are?
C: No.
K: Well we better go find her.
Mom: Is something wrong?
K: You can't leave your child unattended in the store
Mom: Why not?

C: Is this book for sale?

C: Can you help me find a book for my son?
K: Sure! How old is he?
C: He's in first grade, but the first grade books are too easy for him.
K: OK, here are some second grade books that are really fun.
C: No, these are too hard.  He's just barely beginning to sight read!

C: I'm trying to find a book for my granddaughter.  She's in second grade, but she reads on a 6th or 7th grade level.  If she doesn't know a word, she looks it up.
K: Here is a job application to this store.  Have her fill it out when she turns 17.

C: Do you sell Nerf guns?
K: No.
C: None at all?
K: No.
C: Nothing like a Nerf gun?
K: No, we don't sell any guns.
C: (laughing) You don't sell guns?! That's funny.

C: You read this? (holds up copy of Omnivore's Dilemma)
K: Yes.
C: You read the whole thing?
K: Yes.
C: Wow...

This one from co-worker Amy:
C: Where are the books?

C: Excuse me. Do you read books?

From another co-worker, Tracy:
C: I need help finding something.
T: OK, what can I help you find?
C: A book.

From Jess:
C: Do you have books by authors?

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